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Frequently asked questions

There are some very good questions amongst these, but if we don't have the answer to yours

please feel free to contact us. Any questions will be posted on this page.



What is a Japanese or grey import?

In the media, much has been written and said about so-called Japanese or grey imports but what does the term actually mean? Japanese car manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda, Mazda and Nissan produce cars for sale to Japanese buyers, and in the same factories they produce cars for the UK market. In the UK they sell their cars through there own network of dealers, and likewise in Japan. Basically imports are just vehicles that have been used on Japanese roads, but are then purchased second-hand from Japanese auctions or car dealers and shipped over to the UK for British buyers. Imports often get a bad press, but there is nothing mysterious about them... actually if you think about it,all Japanese cars that come to the UK are imports, even the new ones!


Why should I buy an import?

Simply, to save money and to receive a higher quality car with lower mileage, higher specification and bodywork that is in undeniably superior condition.

Which vehicles are you importing regularly?

Virtually any vehicles made in Japan, but our most popular models are:

Honda Civic, integra, DC5, EK9

Mazda MX5

Mazda RX7

Mazda bongo (all models)

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo (all Models)
Mitsubishi FTO
Mitsubishi GTO
Mitsubishi Pajero

Nissan Elgrand (all models)

Nissan Largo
Nissan Pulsar
Nissan Skyline GT-S, GT-R (R32, R33 & R34 Models)
Subaru Impreza WRX, WRX STi , RA, Type R
Toyota Celica GT, GT4, SS1, SS2, SS3
Toyota Hilux Surf
Toyota Land-Cruiser
Toyota MR2 GT, G-limited, Turbo, GT, GTS

the list goes on. We are able to source any Japanese vehicle,

So if your preferred choice isn't on the list, don't worry!


So.... what do I get for my money?

All our vehicles come fully serviced, SVA tested (unless they are older than 10 years, in which

case we conduct our own test) and are sold with 12 months MOT, 6 months tax, 3 months parts

and labour warranty, a mileage authenticity certificate. Only buyers of an imported vehicle will receive the above package if you are having a vehicle ordered specifically for you.

Are Japanese vehicles right-hand-drive?

Yes, Japanese vehicles are right-hand-drive. In Japan, people drive on the same side of the road as in England.

Are Japanese vehicles built to the same UK specification?

It is often the case that vehicles available in Japan are built to higher specification than those

exported to the UK. For example, virtually all-Japanese cars come with air conditioning, but more importantly the power output of Japanese vehicles is generally much higher. For instance, in the UK we have the Subaru Impreza Turbo 2000, which has a respectable 215bhp, but in Japan the equivalent model is the WRX and that has a hefty 280bhp! Another popular car in the UK is the Toyota MR2. Again, UK vehicles are rated at 170bhp, but the Japanese get the choice between a 200bhp G-Ltd and a 220bhp GT-Turbo version.

Are Japanese vehicles road-legal in the UK?

Initially, no. To make them road-legal in the UK, we are required to carry out a number of modifications. The first of these is to fit a rear fog light to the vehicle as Japanese law does not require such an item, unlike in the UK. Secondly, a fuel neck filler restrictor needs to be fitted, to prevent any other than an unleaded petrol hose fitting inside the tank. Finally, the speedometer must be converted from kph to the UK standard, mph. Once the above modifications have been made, the vehicle is then submitted for an S.V.A (Single Vehicle Approval) test. This is a much stricter version of the M.O.T. and ensures that the vehicle is in perfect working order.


Can you get parts for Japanese vehicles in the UK?

We can supply any part for any Japanese car or 4x4 vehicle. There are many dealers and suppliers throughout the UK but most parts can be bought directly from main dealers.

Are Japanese imports generally in good condition?

Second hand Japanese cars are virtually all low-mileage, certainly by British standards and the mileage can be relied upon. It would actually be quite difficult to find a car in Japan that had done 12000 miles per year - the British average. One rarely sees a vehicle with more than 100,000 km on the clock. Japanese cars have almost certainly never been driven hard either. The MX5's, Impreza's and Supra's you see with performance accessories and after market parts such as spoilers, air filters, exhausts and alloys were prepared by their proud Japanese owners for show, rather than being thrashed. Japanese speed limits,

road conditions and traffic habits just make fast driving impractical. A final thought to take into consideration is the Japanese weather. Weather is a lot drier in Japan than in the UK, and it is these drier conditions and free-from-salt (non-gritted) roads that mean bodywork on imported vehicles is in excellent condition

Is it true Japanese vehicles are limited to 112mph?

Yes and no. Under Japanese law it is specified that car manufacturers should not build vehicles that exceed a maximum speed of 180kph (112.5mph). However, UK law does not require this, and when the vehicle speedometer is converted from kph to mph we are able to remove the speed limiter. When this is complete, it is then possible for vehicles to reach their full maximum speed, many of which can hit a highly illegal 155mph!


Does the radio work?

Normally no, but we can fix this before you get the car with a clever device made in New Zealand (where imported cars have been going for years). These are top quality units that you can purchase for a nominal fee. They require just minutes to fit and expand the number of frequencies the  tuner can receive, allowing you access to nearly all UK radio stations. There are no problems if the unit is a combined cassette, CD or Mini disc player, as these functions all work correctly.


Are Imports liable to VAT and Duty tax?

VAT and Duty tax are paid on all vehicles at the port of entry before delivery to our premises. Before we can register them at the Local DVLA office, HM Custom's forms have to be presented to the Registration office. This is for UK import only.


Can you guarantee the vehicle has not been stolen in Japan?

Yes, definitely. Japan has now joined the Interpol scheme, which means that before registration, the local DVLA office contact Interpol who check the vehicle's status in Japan. If it shows up as stolen it will not be registered - simple as that. The only stolen vehicles that we are aware of come via Dubai - every vehicle we import though comes direct from Japan, and definitely not via Dubai.


I have found a car on your web site, what can I do now?

Simply call 01904 490465 and speak to either George or Barrie. A deposit will secure the vehicle of your choice. Call now to avoid disappointment, more detailed pictures of the vehicles are available on request.


Do your vehicle come with warranty?

All of our vehicles are sold with an option to take out a warranty of your choice at an extra cost, to cover major mechanical faults. All ordered vehicles are sold with 3 months warranty as standard. Please call for further details of this cover.


Do I need an appointment?

For us to give you our 100% commitment it would be good if you made an appointment, but if you're passing please feel free to join us for a coffee and view our extensive stock.

(Please note: as we are in between moving premises we are unable to accommodate for coffee)


Do you arrange all customs clearances?

If a vehicle has not got an SVA or MOT can you arrange for this to be carried out  ?

Do you do servicing ?

The answer to these questions is YES!


What do your prices include ?

Shipping, all port charges, duties, VAT, (SVA if required). MOT, Tax, Registration, Pdi ervice,

(Cd player not guaranteed), Basic valet, warranty is available. Basically this is an On The Road Price.


Do you take part exchange?

A very popular question! Yes we do take part exchange, we can only offer a trade price and advise you to sell your car privately as you will get a higher price. For the ease of changing car we offer as fair px trade in as we can.

If you have any questions you want answering or think we should

add them onto this page contact us and let us know.
























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DCY Europe

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DCY Europe, Japanese import & export specialists. Over 50 imports available in stock in the UK, DCY have a constant flow of imports coming into the UK.

Over 10 years trading direct with Japan. All our JDM Imports are hand picked. Ensuring a high quality of our Japanese sports & performance and Japanese mpv people carriers.

DCY Europe import direct into the UK but sell throughout Europe and can ship worldwide. Europe's No 1. Japanese performance import specialist.

Typical examples of imports we offer are crx, Integra, S200, Lancer Evo, Skyline, Impreza, Supra, Bongo, Elgrand, Fairlady, Legacy.  Honda - CRX, Integra, DC2, DC3, DC5, Type R, Civic, Prelude,

Del Sol, S2000. Mazda - Eunos, MX5, RX-7, RX-8 ,Bongo. Mitsubishi - Lancer, Evoloution, EVO I, EVO II, EVO III, EVO IV, EVO V, EVO VI, EVOVII, EVO VIII, EVO X, GTO, FTO, GPX, Mi-vec, GP,

3000GT, Twin Turbo, Delica, Pajero, Shogun, 2.5td, 2.8td.Nissan - Figaro, Pulsar, Silvia, Fairlady, 300ZX, Skyline, R32, R33, R34, GTS, GTS-t, GTR, V-spec, Subaru - Impreza, WRX, STi, Type R, Type RA, 

Legacy,  wagon.Toyota - Starlet, GT, MR2, G limited, GTS, GT, T-bar, MR-S, Celica, SS1,SS2, SS3, GT4, supra , SZ, RZ, Twin Turbo, Estima, Lucida, Previa, Rav4, Hilux Surf, Land Cruiser