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Some countries are landlocked and so are inaccessible by deep sea ocean vessels. Import and export goods must be transshipped in other countries by means of truck/rail and/or inland water way (river, canal or lake) transports. DCY are able organise all transportation but additional costs may occur when exporting to certain country’s.









The DCY Drag car has been under major development in order to make the GTR a strong contender for this years Pro's class Time Attack Championship. The majority of the upgrades have been suspension, brake, wheels & tyres and a more circuit spec setup. The engine has remained the same as it was for last years drag racing. Although a slight upgrade has been done to allow a more accurate map which see the car gain a little more power, DCY Drag should be running approximately 860hp.

Nissan Skyline R32 GTR DCY Drag / Track Car

Trust Grex 6 pot front calipers and 4 pot rears should be adequate to give the car a much improved stopping chance than the standards we had on last year. With the new brake kit installed a new set of alloys we need ed, these then had Dunlop DGOZZ semi slick tyres fitted. Work is still in progress on the Skyline, a testing is hoped for before the first round of Time Attack in April at Donnington Park. The DCY Drag/Track will be driven by the DCY mechanic Mick Wade, who piloted the car in the 2006 Drag session and saw him run a personal best of 10.08 seconds on the 1/4 mile.



George's own personal car has seen some development since last years setup in order to prepare the car for the Clubman Class of this years Time Attack. George isn't expecting to be a strong contender for the club class as the car and the circuits are all new to him, it's more the the enjoyable factor.

His GTR will be running on the cast off alloys from the DCY Drag car which are shod with Yokohama AO48 semi slicks. He has just upgraded the braking system to the Brembo setup which is found on the later model GTR's. The car was last dyno'd at 554hp but a slightly new set up and new map should be seeing the car running 600+

Nissan Skyline R32 GTR DCY Track Car




Barrie's own personal car is a new member of the DCY demo cars, since fitting the engine and having a map Barrie has developed the car loads more. Carbon prop, uprated brakes, new alloys, titanium exhaust, more engine mod's, more dyno work & plenty of carbon parts are just a few of the modification carried out.

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 7RS DCY Track Car

The EVO will be running on Toyo R888 tack tyres. The car is just been finished off with a last minute change in manifold's. Like George, Barrie is new to Time Attack and hasn't drove on any of the circuits before. We should be seeing an improvement in car & driver through out this season. 


For more information on this years Time Attack click here






The DCY Drift car hasn't much action since the end of last years season. It's only seen a couple of practice/demo days and been out demonstrating for 'Fast & Modified' car magazine where the DCY Demo Cars had a 9 page feature. View Features However the car has been in the workshop for some much needed development. The Drift car ran effortlessly last season but we found it was lacking traction on the rear and causing the GTS not smoke to rear tyres.

Nissan Skyline R32 GTS DCY Drift Car

The engine has remained the same, still running approximately 400hp. Last season Sweeps the DCY Drift drive gained a full D1 licence which automatically gives him a passport in the EDC. Other commitments means Sweeps will be unable to enter the Euro drift Championship year, although he does aim to attend as many as he can. The EDC championship will run along Time Attack although the last round will be held at a different location.


For more information on this years EDC click here




European Drift Championship

Round 1 - April 7th/8th - Donington Park

Round 2 - June 3rd Silverstone

Round 3 - July 28th Knockhill

Round 4 - August 19th North Weald

Tme Attack

Round 1 - April 7th/8th - Donington Park

Round 2 - June 3rd Silverstone

Round 3 - July 28th Knockhill

Round 4 - September 2nd Brands Hatch


A big thank you to the sponsers below who have aided us along our way

Banzia Magazine - Geartronics - RB Motorsport - ESS Electrical Switch Gear





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