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Frequently asked questions

                         Japanese Imports

A good understanding of Japanese Imports       


What is a Japanese ("grey") Import ?

What is a Japanese or grey import, what does the term actually mean?

Answer: A Japanese Import is a vehicle that's been imported from Japan to the UK

originally manufactured for the Japanese Domestic Market. (JDM)


What's Included in your advertised price ?

 Our imports get a great level of UK preparation,

Full MOT test

Speedo Conversion to Miles with Certificate (where possible)

Rear fog light conversion

In-house pre-delivery inspection

Valet with machine polish W/A using high class products

(paint rectification and dent removal where needed)

28 day warranty with the option to upgrade.


Do your quoted prices include VAT ?

Yes, on all our fresh imports direct from Japan our prices include 20% Vat.

If you're VAT registered and the vehicle is for business use, then you can claim 20% of the full selling price.

Example: an import advertised for £10,000 would be £8000+vat. You pay £10,000. (claim back £2000)


Why should we use DCY than other UK Importers ?

We cannot speak for other importers, it's like anything you get good and bad.

The test of time is a good indication to a company's quality.

When things go wrong, which they sometimes do, we pride ourselves on our after sales care.

We're not a company who turn there backs

You cannot please everyone and there is always 2 sides,

Best advise; do your homework, read up on feedback,

visit the garage, view the cars, make up your own mind.


Do you offer part exchange ?

Our most asked question... YES!

We offer very good part exchange prices.

We prefer to take in Japanese Imports or Sports cars

but do welcome other makes & models.

Vans, Bikes, Quads, Boats... etc give us a try...


Would you buy my car, without me buying one from you ?

Yes, as long as it a good genuine car with an honest description we'd be happy to quote a for price it.

Please call 01347 878539 or email sales@dcyeurope.com for a valuation.


Do you offer finance ?

Our 2nd most asked question... YES!

Over the years we have used and worked with all the major lenders in the market.

We have since found an outstanding company who take care of all the finance

Offering the best rates we can find anywhere in the UK

You can read a little more on our Import Information Page

or call Sales on 01347 820082 for info.


How can I secure & pay for a vehicle ?

You can secure any vehicle on our stocklist by paying a deposit.

We ask for £500 on any vehicle under £10,000 and 10% for anything over.

Bank Transfer - Credit/Debit Card - Cash

We do have a paypal account but don't accept vehicle payments.


Do you sell worldwide ?

Yes, we ship out of Japan direct to the UK, we can then ship from the UK worldwide.

USA is a big market and we send quite a number of vehilces out there. We sell lots to mainland Europe.

For shipping prices please email sales@dcyeurope.com with your request.


Are Japanese cars right hand drive ?

Yes, in Japan they drive on left like in the UK

German, US & some European cars we Import are left hand drive.

Audi, BMW, Lancia and Ferrari and any American vehicles.

All Japanese manufactured vehicles EVO's Skylines, Integra's etc are all RHD.


Are Japanese vehicles built to the same UK specification ?

It is often the case that vehicles available in Japan are built to higher specification than those exported to the UK.

For example, virtually all-Japanese cars come with air conditioning, but more importantly the power output

of Japanese vehicles is generally much higher with plenty of vehicles having a hefty 280bhp as standard!


Can you get parts for Japanese vehicles in the UK ?

We can supply some parts for Japanese vehicles OEM & Aftermarket.

The UK offers a wide selection of tuners and parts suppliers for specific makes & models.

Don't forget most parts can be bought directly from main dealers.


Are Japanese Imports generally in good condition ?

The Second hand Japanese Imports we select are all low-mileage.

Japanese vehicles tend to have an easer life, lower speed limits,

road conditions and traffic habits just make fast driving impractical.

A final thought to take into consideration is the Japanese weather.

The climate is a lot drier in Japan than in the UK, and it is these drier conditions and free-from-salt (non-gritted) roads

that means bodywork on imported vehicles is in excellent condition, almost like the day they left the factory.

You also find the Japanese people respect there vehicles allot, having them serviced & maintained at the correct intervals.


Is it true Japanese vehicles are limited to 112mph (180kmh) ?

Yes. Japanese law requires car manufacturers to build vehicles

that do not exceed a maximum speed of 180kph (112.5mph)

Not the case here in the UK!


De os the radio work ?

Normally no, but we can fix this before you get the car (if required)

These are top quality units that you can purchase for a nominal fee.

Expand the number of frequencies allowing you access to nearly all UK radio stations.

Although we can convert the stereos we advise fitting a new UK stereo.

Please ask about stereo / media upgrades.


Are Imports Liable to VAT and Duty tax ?

VAT and Duty tax are paid on all vehicles at the port of entry before delivery to our premises.

Prior to registration at DVLA, HM Custom's forms must be presented to the Registration office.

Vehicles must be entered on HMRC NOVA database before registration can complete. 


Can you guarantee the vehicle has not been stolen in Japan ?

Yes, definitely. Japan is part of the Interpol system, which means that before registration,

DVLA must contact Interpol who check the vehicle's status in Japan.

Any issues NO registration - simple as that.

Since 1999 we have not seen one stolen vehicle.


Do I need an appointment ?

No appointment needed! we're open 6 days a week,

You're very welcome to view our stock of Japanese Imports.

We do advise calling to make sure of availability.

We'd hate for you to travel hours to find the vehicle you wanted is now sold.




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