11 Easy Steps

1. Initial Contact
Contact us by email, phone or in person at our Showroom in York.
We can discuss your requirements, budgets and explain how our system works.
We can get a good feel for your exact specification and answer any questions you may have.

2. Order Confirmation
When you're comfortable and happy with our service, we complete a "Pre-order invoice" showing vehicle & customer details, including pricings & budget. We like to get a true feel for the exact spec & modification level, standard or tuned. At this point we ask for 1st payment, a deposit of £500

3. Vehicle Search
Once a completed "Pre-order invoice" and received £500 payment we can start the search for your new car. DCY auction database can access 99% of all auctions in Japan giving access to over 200,000+ units per week. We will search daily for your required vehicle, with such a huge selection available it really is only a matter of time before we find a suitable match. On average it can take a few weeks to find the exact car, Our quickest purchase was within 2 hours of receiving a deposit, it really is luck of the draw as we cannot determine what cars will be at auction.

4. Vehicle Confirmation
Once a match is found photos and condition report will be emailed to you, we also make contact by telephone. If you would like us to proceed and submit a bid we will. If you are not happy with the selected car, that's fine there's always more, another day! With the more popular models you may have 3 or 4 to choose from per night.

5. The Bidding Process
Once we have a car found our guys in Japan physically inspect the vehicle before the start of the auction. If for whatever reason it does not meet our quality control then we will not bid it, simple! If the vehicle is in excellent condition and passes our inspections then we shall submit a bid based on your budget. Hopefully we are successful, if not we'll try again with another vehicle!

6. Out Of Japan
If we're successful at auction the vehicle will be transported to our secure compounds on the docks in Japan were we can get you more photos. The vehicle will be loaded onto the next available ship, bound for the UK. It is at this point that we ask for 50% of the vehicle cost back in the UK.

7. Ship Arrival
The ships call at various ports around Europe and the UK - we import into Newcastle or Liverpool. Once your vehicle arrives at port, Import duty will be paid, import vat will be paid, all necessary paperwork taken care of and the vehicle will clear customs. We will then get your new Import delivered to our showroom in York, along with other vehicles that arrived on the same boat. We have vehicles arriving monthly, on some occasions 4 times a month.

8. Into The UK
As soon as DCY receive your car, it will be inspected and test driven by ourselves, any faults noted and then given to one of our approved garages to be fully inspected and repaired (if needed). At this point you are more than welcome to come and view your new car.

9. MOT, Registration, Conversion
All our imports unless otherwise stated, we will register the car for the UK. This consists of an MOT test to make sure the car is up to UK requirements. (To pass a test we must fit a rear fog light to the vehicle) Once we have the MOT certificate we can apply for registration, producing the MOTC, de-registration documents from Japan along with endless other forms. The Registration process can take up to 20 days although applications are normally back within 5 working days.

10. Any Extras Required?
At DCY we can offer a multitude of extras from service packages, extended warranties, category approved alarm systems, parking sensors, up rated parts, tuning, cambelt change, wax oil protection, stereo & audio installation, bodykit, alloy wheels... ... the list goes on. During the registration period we have an ideal time slot to be able carry out any upgrades you may require. Please speak to one of our sales teams for more information and pricing..

11. Collection Of Your Vehicle
Once we receive your registration back from DVLA, we will call and inform you of your new registration number and arrange a collection time. The car will have a final valet prior to you arriving. It's at this point we ask for the remainder of the vehicle cost. We do pride ourselves on sourcing an excellent example of vehicle from Japan and you the customer been happy with it. If for Whatever reason it is not as described we would issue a full refund. Something we have not had to do in the last 18+ years of importing to order.

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