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Rewind to July 2000
A relatively new company decide to ditch selling rusty UK cars, Hello Japan, DCY enter into the Japanese Import market! DCY Europe hit Tokyo with a trip to Japan.

"Japan is awesome experience which we recommend you try!
Eexperiencing Japan first hand gave us such an advantage in the market."

After emptying the bank buying cars in Japan DCY returned to the UK to advertised their new Imports (In the paperback Autotrader Magazine) Suprisingly all cars sold prior to them arriving in the UK as the shipping takes approx. 6 weeks.

During this 6 week wait DCY were unable to purchase more stock as all available funds had been invested, obviously there was huge demand for JDM cars in the UK and Japan had a huge selection of suburb vehicles available. Frustratingly though DCY had no funds available to purchase more. Thus DCY created their "ORDER SERVICE" Enabling them to keep things going

"Proving so popular it become a way of regular business for us" DCYs creation become the industry standard format in how most Importers/dealers operate.

"Ever since day 1 our system has not changed We ask for a minimal £200 starter's fee We work with the same Team in Japan & have the same team here in the UK" Importing a car is something we've done thopusands of times.

We guarantee you will be happy with the vehicle or your money back!
Our system is tried & tested hundreds of times over

DCY Europe - Japanese Import "Order Service"
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